Aluminum Sand Castings

Castek is an industry leader in commercial grade and mold style aluminum sand casting technology. We are continuously improving our casting process variables for improved casting clarity and continued reductions in surface porosity. Castek has a unique and proprietary process with respect to metal handling, binder agents that are used to in our air set or “no bake” sand molding operation. This aluminum casting technology has taken many years to develop and allows Castek aluminum to continue being an industry leader in commercial grade and mold style aluminum sand castings.

Castek aluminum sand castings are used in many industrial and ornamental applications. The air set or “no bake” molding process lends itself to manufacturing large castings that green sand foundries cannot produce. The air set molding process gives the cope and drag sands a good deal of strength thus ensuring proper casting tolerance and dimensions.

The bulk of Castek Aluminum’s sand castings are utilized to manufacture molds many processes and market segments. Castek supports the thermoform, RIM (reaction injection molding) and compression form market segments to name a few. These mold style aluminum castings typically contain stainless steel water lines for temperature control during part molding. These stainless-steel water lines are often times connected to a manifold system to allow minimized internal water line lengths which provides rapid heating and cooling of our molds. This provides optimum temperature processing control while manufacturing parts.

Castek designs and builds aluminum sand casting molds for many processes. These mold style castings are used for the following molding processes:

  • Automotive carpet forming molds
  • Vacuum form, pressure form and thermoforming molds
  • RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) and DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) molds
  • Polyurethane / Foam molds for many processes
  • LFI (Long Fiber Injection)
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
  • Secondary fixtures such as router trim fixtures assembly fixtures

The aluminum sand casting technology can offer a very significant cost savings over using conventional billet aluminum materials. When manufacturing aluminum molds that are large or have deep draw conditions, castings can be a much more economical option over aluminum billet.

Send us your part data or project outline and a knowledgeable Castek team member will reach out right away to quote and help with your project.