Bond Fixtures

Bond fixtures can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Castek has designed and built bond fixtures for several applications. A common variety bond fixture is securing reinforcements or brackets to an back side of an A side outer panel. This is used in many heavy truck applications with the DCPD molding process. Our bond fixtures are tailored to fit the application and product volume requirements of each specific project.

Low volume bond fixtures: If only prototype volumes of bonded parts are required CNC machined composite board materials can be a very economical fixture material.

These types of bond nests can be designed for manual placement of the bonded parts. For additional accuracy overhead template splines can be used to locate and secure the reinforcements into position.

High volume bond fixtures: Where higher volumes of parts are needed a CNC machined aluminum casting can provide a very durable fixture surface and can provide heating properties with stainless steel water jacketed heating lines should temperature set adhesives be needed to cure the reinforcements to the outer panel.