Water Jet Trim and Router Fixtures

These allow a variety of post trim options from water jet trim, 5 axis router or manual trimming with guides. Castek can CNC machine the fixture nests from many composite materials dependent on part volumes and molded material type. These secondary fixtures can be “cartridge” style that are completely interfaced into the customers capital equipment. Castek has several quick-change systems that minimize set up time when changing fixtures out to run other part numbers.

Water jet trim fixtures are normally laminated with shrouds and steel plate supports to extend fixture life. These shrouds and underside steel structures are designed and placed onto the fixtures during final assembly. Castek often times uses vacuum cups or an entire vacuum chamber under the secondary fixture to accurately nest the parts during trimming. Post trim fixtures can also be made from aluminum castings for durability and for higher product volumes. Castek CNC machines the fixture surface to ensure an accurate part nesting which results in closer trim tolerance for our customers.