Compression Tooling

Compression tooling is at the center of Castek’s core compitancies. Castek works closely with its tier one supply base in the automotive flooring and soft trim industry which require compression tooling to form or shape the parts. These compression molds can include various types of molding processes such as carpet, foam, acoustic, reaction injection molds (RIM), and injection tooling. These match metal molds are typically overcast with machine stock and then 100% CNC machined to the desired mold surface. Our techniques in the foundry have improved tremendously, allowing us to produce extremely structurally sound castings with very minimal inclusions. 

Why Choose Castek?

Improved Temperature Control

Most of our tooling requires the ability to control forming temperature to ensure a consistent and accurate part. We are able to implement stainless steel tubing into our molds close to the surface to ensure better temperature control than you would see with a billet tool or an epoxy/fiberglass mold. The comparative cost savings is substantial!

Full Turn Key Programs

Here at Castek, we have the capabilities to assist with part design guidance through complete production tooling with any secondary fixtures that may be required. Our design and engineering team has vast experience in the industry and our equipment allows for complete turn key programs, including:

  • Prototyping and tooling
  • Trim fixtures
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Check fixtures

Accuracy & Precision

Our machining capabilities allow us to machine small, medium, and large tools with precise accuracy. No program or project is too small or too large. Castek can do it all, from automotive foam seating to large agriculture hoods and covers. Our foundry capacity allows us to produce tooling that can meet or exceed any limit you require. If needed, we also offer a coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) with a certified report to accompany your tooling. Our specialties include the larger floor tooling and DCPD tooling, clamshell tooling, and cavity/core tooling. Castek provides accurate assembly and spot tooling to ensure that you produce the desired part each and every time.

Send us your part data or project outline and a knowledgeable Castek team member will contact you to discuss how we can help with your project »